Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello? Is anyone still here?

I kind of checked out of the blogging thing for awhile. You know how it is. You get busy and keep meaning to come back and then you can't think what to write and then it's a year and a half later and you have a couple of drinks at a charity event and decide to blog. A tale as old as time. So, what's new? My hair grew back. I lost my mind and agreed to be the matron of honor for my sister in law. I learned to sew ( I make quilts! And dresses that don't quite fit! Because I am fancy!) My husband and I are starting the process to adopt a baby. Like, we brought home the background check paperwork. We still haven't filled it out. Baby steps. I think I want to do it and then one of the dogs wakes me up at 4:00 in the morning and I get mad and then I remember that I think I want a baby. I'm pretty sure they don't let you just lock the baby out of the bedroom and tell it to shut up. I might be wrong. It can go on the list of questions to ask in the parenting class. And now I have to go watch a Hart of Dixie marathon. Rachel Bilson as a genius surgeon in a small Alabama town. The entire show is cast with people faking southern accents. It's ridiculous and I can't stop watching it.