Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kelly, stop it. Seriously it's making my head hurt. I wasn't intended to do this much thinking.

Ya'll make Kelly stop being all thought provoking and shit. I mean it.

I've always been something of a loner. I need quiet and time alone fairly frequently. But Kelly got me to thinking a little deeper about my issues, and the truth is, I'm afraid of disappointing you. I don't really worry that other people are going to disappoint me. I tend to assume the best of other people. I don't worry that they will hurt me or that they will leave me. But I worry about hurting them.

Christmas is an excellent example. I was thinking last night of the Family Guy episode where Lois hulks out because everyone takes all the Christmas preparations for granted. I was thinking about that episode because so far, I have decorated the house, planned a menu, purchased and wrapped ALL of the gifts including the gifts from other people to other people (meaning, all my husband's gifts to his family, also my mother's gifts to my husband and his family), I've purchased all the stocking stuffers, I've mailed all the Christmas cards, and I'm getting ready to make salt dough ornaments. I was also thinking about it while I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a sponge because the mop is a huge failure at actually cleaning the floor. It isn't that I have that much Christmas spirit (or really any at all) as that I want everyone to be happy and have a wonderful Christmas and if I have to KILL MYSELF to accomplish this, I will do it SO HELP ME GOD. And that's how I am. If I care about you too much, I want to do everything in the world for you, and there's only so much time in the day. And I fear that if I CAN'T or DON'T do these things people will be disappointed and unhappy and it will be all my fault because I didn't make the twice baked potatoes from scratch.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! (Of course there's more).

The thing is, I start to resent doing all of this and I get pretty angry on the inside. And just when I'm getting ready to totally Hulk Out, someone says how wonderful, you are just the nicest person ever, I could never do all that. So people think I'm sweet and awesome, and then I hate to disillusion them by letting the angry resentment out and re-double my efforts in an attempt to be what they think I am, but I can't be the person they think I am because she's not real and it's really going to disappoint them/hurt their feelings if they find out. P.S. this also makes me a doormat. Which starts the resentfulness all over again.

So it's easier to be alone.

I understand all of this, where it comes from and why I do what I do, but the part where a therapist might come in handy is in telling me how the hell to stop it. And I can't afford a therapist, so right after Christmas I'm totally turning back into a misanthropic hermit with a hygiene problem (just to make sure no comes to see me).


  1. i wish i had that kind of commitment. right now, i have bags of christmas gifts (which may or may not need to be returned to the stores because i've been known to "binge christmas shop") stuffed into random closets and cupboards, piles of "holiday" recipes begging for me to make them, a list of christmas card recipients next to the actual box of cards AND book of stamps, rolls of wrapping paper sitting out on the dining room table because one of these days i might get the inspiration to wrap some shit, and a mental note containing several people's names whose gifts still remain to be purchased. and what am i doing about all this? watching Judge Judy and eating pizza.

    tis the season to be merry.

  2. Dude when I try to click on Kelly's blog it says it's blocked.


    And in other news, I know what you mean. The pressure to have the perfect holiday is what totally flipped my shit and caused me to cancel my family Christmas three weeks before they were supposed to fly in. Holding all that resentment in is bad for you. It caused cancer. Or at least a bad rash.


    Megs, I will stop being thought provoking once you start linking my blog correctly.

    Just kidding. I find it incredibly validating to actually make people THINK. Because of me. And something I said. Which basically makes you my favorite person right now, even if you keep getting my URL wrong.

    You are so much like me that it's scary.