Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wanna hear about different methods of drying your lumber? Because I know some.

Today I stood on top of a lumber mill (its really hot up there), inspected a rendering plant (reinforces vegetarianism), and inspected a wood chipping plant. This has become my regular routine. Get up at an un-godly hour (seriously, why has science not done something about mornings yet?), drive around in a big truck, put on hard hat and manly boots, stomp around somewhere kind of gross, drive big truck back to office, go home. I'm feeling a little...manly. Powerful? Strong? Interesting? Yes. Feminine? No. Maybe I'll start wearing expensive lingerie under my fire retardant coverall.

Anyhow. Last week my husband came home from work and told me that one of the women in his office was really excited to meet me. When I asked why, he said he didn't know,she just said she was really excited to meet his "little wife".

She's clearly expecting to meet Donna Reed. I'm a little more...who was a wife who had a more masculine job than her husband and didn't clean the house wearing high heels? I'm drawing a blank. Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, except married and without the dancing thing, maybe.


  1. I kind of want to give you a woman power salute. But I'm not sure there is one. Instead, I'll nod my head in your honor.


  2. I apologize in advance for making a lumberjack reference about you in your guest post introduction. I completely blame the title of this post because I glanced at it when I came over to grab the link. You could see how this would be confusing, right?

    That said... well I don't really remember what I was going to say, quite frankly, I already thought I commented on this post, OBVIOUSLY not... anyway. You are woman, hear you roar, etc.

    You should wear pearls with your steel-toed boots. I bet that would help you feel a little more feminine.