Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas: In which I make fun of 17 year old Megs

I found old journals. So my Christmas present to you is that I will post some of the more interesting entries between now and Christmas. Because nothing says "Christ is born" like my own personal humiliation via the internet.

Let me tell you about Ben. He makes me believe in love at first sight. (Oh. Great. I'm already ready to die because now I know how this love story would have ended, and let me just say it would have involved a trailer park and starring on an episode of Cops. 17 year old me didn't date a lot.) He's adorable, but not gorgeous or anywhere close to perfect. I don't know him very well, but we have really good chemistry. (At least I didn't call it "a connection".) I know he has a really playful, goodnatured personality. (He was a pothead.) I know he just broke up with his long time girlfriend because she cheated on him several times. But they were not together last August, because he was talking to me and stopped because she lived in Dover. Where he lives. (Long time is relative at 17, I guess.) That's our main problem - 100 miles and a mountain. (He was a pothead. A meth dealing pothead. But you know, the distance and the mountain, that's the important stuff.)I really really like him so much. (Not the first pothead I really really liked so much) I know that he likes me too, but I'm afraid that Ben will let the distance stop us from having a relationship that could be very mutually satisfying.

There are so many things I could say about that last line, but I think it will be more mutually satisfying to let it speak for itself.


  1. Oh god...I'm so jealous you found your old journals. I so wish I had mine. But, alas, I don't...and I didn't know any meth dealing potheads either.

  2. *claps hands and squeals in delight*

  3. "...mutually satisfying..." hahahahaa....

    17 y/o Megs sounds like a student loan officer.

  4. "17 y/o Megs sounds like a student loan officer." HAHA.

    Meth dealing pothead? Damn, sorry this one didn't workout.