Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evil. Now in convenient liquid form!

Oh my God. What is up with this "cool burst" cough syrup crap?

It may be the most awful thing I have ever, I mean EVER, put into my mouth. This statement is coming from the girl who once drank raw moonshine on a dare.

So you take a drink of this "cool burst" stuff, and first you think, "Eh. What's the big deal about the -h'ohmmigod- what, what is that? That's weird. At least it is just in my mou-dear holy lord its in my throat. Am I breathing? That- that burns a lo---gnnng. Uh. Yuh. Hooooo...."

The unintelligible part is the part when you start to feel the cool bursting in your chest. Which is exactly as disturbing as it sounds. And then it DOESN'T GO AWAY. There is a weird, cold feeling in your chest. Which should never be cold unless you are dead, I am pretty sure that is a scientific fact. I know the cold is actually in my digestive system, but it frightens me that I can feel it in my entire chest cavity, because it might be because this unholy concoction just melted through my esophagus and is pouring out into my chest. At least, that's what it feels like.

What the hell was Tylenol thinking? This is unnatural. And I mean that in the way that means it is a sin against all that is good and right in the world.



  1. This medicine does seem weird and yet, ten bucks says teenagers drink it to get high. So it's probably selling quite well.

  2. Not to laugh at your clearly traumatic experience... but... um... I kind of lol'd a little bit at this