Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Pondering

I saw someone all decked out in Ed Hardy (Hardee? I don't know) today. I have sort of a love/hate thing with old Ed. On the one hand, I think his clothes are ugly, over priced crap. On the other hand, I can now recognize a douchebag in under 5 seconds. Also, you have to respect the guy's thinking. Produce crap, put a large price tag on it, watch people fall all over themselves to be the first one to wear the most expensive of the crap. I have to admit its a little bit genius.

I myself am not a label girl. I refuse to buy anything with a brand name plastered all over it. I recognize the short term marketing genius inherent in it, I just prefer not to pay somebody a lot of money so I can advertise for them. Think about it, for a short period of time a company can get you to pay for the privilege of promoting their goods. Because at first its the rich and attractive that want to wear your clothes. And of course, at least most of us when we are teenagers want to be rich and attractive. So we emulate. Then the poorest and least attractive are wearing it, and of course no one wants to be poor and unattractive. At least not in our teens.

I don't know if I've ever seen anyone do this as well as Ed Hardee or Hardy or Har-whateverthefuck. Although I do recall plastering myself in head to toe Tommy Hilfiger when that hit Arkansas about 14 years ago. And I sincerely thought then everyone would think I was rich and suddenly I wouldn't be a too skinny nerd with a Beatles haircut, braces, glasses, and bad skin. I'd be Winona Rider or Kate Moss or something. (SPOILER: I did not become Winona Rider or Kate Moss).

Then, later today, I saw some goth kid. And I was thinking how COMMITTED goth kids are. I mean, decked out in all black, heavy materials, heavy makeup, everything, no matter the temperature or the humidity. I mostly look at them and feel hot and claustrophobic. And I wonder if that kid is so different from the label wearers. A lot of goth kids pay just as much money to look different like all the other goth kids.

So then I got to wondering if anyone is really any different than anyone else. Are we unique snowflakes, or are we all really the same deep down?

I don't know, and now I'm all self-concious, because I don't really have an answer. Also, I'm pretty sure 15 other people have written about this better than me. Just consider it loose head change and go with it, 'kay?

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  1. I think it all depends on whether you chose the red pill or the blue one. =)