Friday, March 5, 2010

Miracle Shoe Update: Is it a miracle if they turn me into a freak?

I debated taking a picture of my butt BEFORE I began wearing the bionic shoes, and then I was going to take update pictures every week. That way we all could have judged the true powers of the shoes together. This would have been helpful because 1) its very hard to look at your own butt...I'll wait if you want to try it...2) I could have gotten truthful opinions because everyone knows the internet loves to tell you the truth and 3) this site would probably get a lot more hits if I plastered it with pictures of my ass.

On the other hand, the internet REALLY LOVES to tell you the truth, and I'm not sure my ego is up to it and this site would be covered with pictures of my ass. You really can't ever take that back. So I didn't do it.

However, in case you're curious: I can't tell that my behind is any different after about a week of wearing these. My thighs look a little smaller, but that might just be because from the knee down my legs now look like I'm on steroids. My calves are getting totally juiced, and they aren't sharing with any of the other muscles. Its freaking me out a little. Pretty soon my jeans won't fit from the knee down, even the boot cut ones. And I'll have to be on Maury Pauvich (sp?) as one of the poor, poor freaks that makes him a million bucks. And he'll probably give me some prize that's supposed to be awesome, but really is kind of lame and I'll be all exploited and shit. Plus, I'll never be able to wear pants again, and I'll have to wear skirts all the time and that will totally show off my freak calves.

Or maybe its just water retention.

I'll let you know.

ETA: The left calf is bigger than the right one. I'm pretty sure that's new...on the other hand, its winter. I haven't actually seen my legs in months.

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