Friday, January 14, 2011

I don't like change. And then they went and changed my sign.

So...did all the zodiac signs change or did they not change? Sometimes the internet says they changed. But then some people say no, the zodiac we use isn't based on the constellations, it's based on the position of the sun on the equinoxes(or something, I don't know).

This is bothering me rather a lot. I mean, yesterday I would have told you I don't even BELIEVE in astrology. I don't check my horoscope ever. But I have been a Taurus for 28 years now, and all of a sudden some people are trying to call me an Aries, and I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE.

P.S. You guys who recommended Persuasion so strongly? Y'all were SO RIGHT.


  1. I heard something about this but I still don't quite get it. The dates have moved why? So confused. I don't want to be a Capricorn!

  2. Kelly cleared it up for me on facebook about the western versus tropical or whatever charts. I had read an article to that effect, but there were at least 15 more that said the damn sky was falling. We're all good now. I think. *checks sky suspiciously*

  3. I was just coming to rescue you from your confusion. WE ARE OKAY.

    Because there are two zodiacs, and the one we've been using is the one that everyone puts the stock into. Except me. Until this all went down. And then I was all, IDENTITY CRISIS BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE I FLIP FLOP BETWEEN TWO SIGNS ANYWAY.

    Tropical zodiac = 12 signs.
    Sidereal zodiac = 13 signs.

    Also: I fucking love Persuasion, I'm glad you are reading it/read it/liked it. I think - dare I say - I almost liked it more than Pride & Prejudice.