Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Not Sure How Someone Hypnotizes Another Person and That Makes Their Boobies Grow.

So...this woman at work was hypnotized the other day to help her stop smoking. I think that's great as she's tried a bunch of other stuff and she has to walk around with oxygen all day because of a lung disease from smoking.

The woman brought in the card for the hypnotist today, and all of her services are listed on the back. And included in the list was...breast enhancement. Its not that I want to actually let her hypnotize me into bigger breasts. Its that I'm fascinated at the possibility. I mean, if it means what it SOUNDS like it means its like 1/10 of the price of actual surgery with no scars or loss of sensation or ability to breast feed.

So...I e-mailed her. Mostly as a joke, I guess, which makes me a little shithead, but also because I REALLY need to know how this works.



Apparently, the subconcious controls EVERYTHING in our bodies, even bust size. They can increase your bust size by at least one cup size. The fee is a bargain price of $1200.00 (I guess because she claims it takes 4-6 sessions).

$1200 so I can go from training bras to an A cup? Bitch please.


  1. Can she get the girls to be perky again without surgery? That I'd pay for bigtime. Cheers!

  2. Bwahahahaha. Good luck with that. If by any chance it DOES work, please send me her contact info. The ta-tas here could use a little non-surgical assistance.

  3. That's amazing. Maybe she hypnotizes women into feeling good about their boobs. Or maybe she has a partnership with a plastic surgeon and she hypnotizes women into just getting the surgery.

  4. If just thinking could make breasts grow, then all of my ex-girlfriends would be a D-cup. So, I doubt the hypnotist knows the secret.

  5. I'm pretty sure that whole "the brain controls everything" refers to everything BUT cup size. $1200? Best to get an actual surgery in Mexico instead.

    Also: I hear you on the "one cup size, like that's gonna make a difference". At least we'll never be saggy.

  6. What's REALLY sad is people have probably paid her that and more for bigger boobs via her energy wavelengths.

    People are so stupid.

    Is it wrong that I take solace in knowing I am smarter than them?