Monday, July 12, 2010

This is Why I'm Hot

Friday nights used to look a lot different. There is no photographic evidence of that, because, well, I'm not stupid. But there was definitely more people, more booze, and a lot less pajamas.

Behold: Friday nights now that I'm old and married:

Pajamas (post 7:00 shower, so you know this is prime time people. I should not be wearing pajamas yet), mac n cheese, and the world's weirdest dog. She sits like that all the time, unless she's doing the drunken redneck lean. Also, she would like me to insert food into her mouth now.

If I do the damn trick, then will she put the food in my mouth?

She's in the middle of a trick seizure. That happens when she does an ever more frantic cycle through all the tricks she knows without being asked to do them. It gets faster and bigger and more desperate.

Grizzly Bear. Yes, I taught my dog to imitate a bear on command. She's fucking fierce, dude. No bears will mess with us now.

This is how we entertain ourselves now. Happy Embracing the Geekness Day, or whatever it is.


  1. What a cutie dog.

  2. Awww. I know I'm supposed to be scared but bear dog is soo cute.

  3. I am way older than more Grandmotherly than you and I'm not even married!

    Take that!

    Oh god I just tried to win a 'who's lamer' contest and might have won...

  4. Thanks!

    Sadako: You mock, but we have not once been attacked by bears since we taught her that trick. OK, maybe we weren't ever attacked by bears before we taught her that trick either, but I think my point still stands.

    Whatever, Ashley. You ride a motorcycle. I drive a Volvo. Family Sedan for the I'm Lamer Than You Win!...maybe there IS such a thing as too competitive.

  5. This is such a cute post!

    My dog does the same trick cycle thing when she just can't comprehend what I'm asking her to do!

    Grizzly Bear, hilarious!

  6. Megan: Its generally in response to asking the other dog to do tricks or not giving her food. When we eat dinner she tends to just go through the whole cycle until she finally gives up and smacks me.

  7. awww, i have two pups and LURVE it when they get the techno desperation rave going.