Thursday, February 18, 2010

Awesomest Spam I've Ever Gotten

I got this spam in my hotmail account on Valentine's Day. I am still enjoying it. Its like someone decided why not combine a rip-off e-mail with a porn e-mail? And also a little side of ego boost if you're feelin' lonely!

E-Card Message:

Megan,This is difficult for me to do because I'm shy.. but I have a crush on you. I've never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. [Hey, I can understand that. I'm shy, too.]

With that said, I want you to guess who I am, and approach me yourself.To help you out with your guessing I made a few pictures and videos with ''Megan'' written on my body. [Because you're "shy." That makes sense.]

They're kind of risque photos so I had to make a profile at CAMSPACEONLINE.COM and post them there. I made my username on the site ''MeganandME09''. [I don't think the word shy means what you think it means. Also, 09?]

(It's a free website but you might need a CC or Debit to verify your age because I had to. Sigh.) [Right. They need my credit card number to verify my AGE. Of course.]

But anyway sign up [because I don't get enough free lesbian porn and offers to increase my penis size in my inbox already.] at CAMSPACEONLINE.COM and once you are inside search for ''MeganandME09''. I want you to guess who I am and then approach me yourself. I'm shy and this is the bravest thing I've probably ever done, but you need to do the rest. [Brave enough to post naked pictures with my name on your body...not brave enough to say hi.]

Kisses, Secret Admirer? haha. Bye [I love the question mark. It's like...I am sending you a secret admirer letter, but am I really a secret admirer? Muah ha ha!]


  1. Hmmm. I can't decide if that's awesome, or the creepiest thing anyone ever said to me. Which would still be kind of great...

  2. I'm a little jealous. I want Maria to write my name all over her body too.

    I mean--I want some good spam too.