Thursday, January 21, 2010

People Live in Large Trash Piles. This Disturbs Me. But Not in a Look Away Way.

I am addicted to "Hoarders." Which probably makes me some kind of creepy peeping Tom type, but, hey, that's okay. I am who I am. I love me. Or its not really like being a creepy peeper at all because no one gets naked and I don't get all hot and bothered by people living in large mounds of trash. So, I'm a peeper, just not a creepy one. Or something. What was I talking about?

Oh. I really enjoy that show on A & E. Hoarders. I find it fascinating that people freak out over throwing out garbage. I mean, I get not throwing out Great great grandma's china, or some collection that you spent eleventy million dollars on. But the rotted food? The empty beer bottle that's just another Budweiser bottle? Mounds and mounds of paper that you will never need? That is so totally the opposite of the way I am that I find it fascinating.

In my house, if you like something, it better damn well have a place and STAY in the place or I will throw it out. Or donate it. Not because I hate you or anything, but because the clutter is suffocating me and clearly you don't care about it because you just left it laying around on the kitchen counter. Seriously, I cannot deal with your STUFF being LOOSE all the time. So it went to Goodwill, get over it. I am very busy scrubbing this counter with bleach for the 100th time.

In conclusion, I like Hoarders because I am nosy and because I don't get the compulsion. I do not like stuff. You should probably shop at my local Goodwill because many very nice things that were not put away have been taken there.

The End.

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